Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Image- "Fifth Wheel"

Finally a new painting- sorry for the delays in posting. I started 3 larger boards with the intent of working quicker, and exactly the opposite has happened. These are taking me forever to do- often I'm working on an a little area for what seems like days. It's frustrating to be working so slowly, but at least I'm somewhat satisfied with the finished product (at least for know). The reference picture for this painting struck me as funny and full of great shapes and colors. My mentor has been encouraging me to be more deliberate about my color choices, so I've tried to do that here. Parts of it are quite flat with thicker paint, which I think does make it more engaging. This next week I plan on working as much as possible to finish a few things and leave the following week to work on my May paper. Is it almost May already?!?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Age of Abundance

In gathering information for my latest paper, I read the book "The Age of Abundance" by Brink Lindsey. I highly recommend it. The book basically covers societal changes from the 50s to today and traces the roots of the modern world. It's a book about politics and economics, but manages to avoid being dull. It reads much more like a great work of non fiction. It gave me a lot more information than I could possibly work into 1 paper. Particularly interesting is the way that affluent culture in the 50s created the political right and left. Tracing the affects of post-war America from decade to decade is really interesting.