Friday, September 9, 2011


Finally, some new images for the blog of some very new work and a different idea.
I've been using vintage newspaper in place of paint for the last few months, making some large scale collages of classic cars. Each one of these takes between 70-100 hours to make. That's why I've only made 6 in the last 4 months. I'll have more on the concept later... for now, enjoy the new work. Comments are appreciated-

54 Chevy Pickup

59 Plymouth Savoy

58 Dodge Pickup

57 Buick 2 door

54 Mercury Station Wagon

58 Oldsmobile

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A few Paintings SOLD

Hi- The following paintings, "Cowboys" and "Business Types/Socialites", have sold the last few weeks at Terzian Galleries in Park City, UT. I'm in the process now of sending a few more out west so if by chance you find yourselves in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by and check them out. Also, have a look at all my work in the portfolio section of my website here:


"Business Types/Socialites"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lucian Freud

Just saw this evening that Lucian Freud passed away at the age of 88. Lucian Freud certainly painted more than a few nudes in compromising positions, but it cannot be denied that he was truly an original. During my undergraduate days I remember being told by a professor that I should study up on Freud and try to see some of his work first hand. I've seen a few of his paintings since and have had the chance to look close. He has been called the "greatest living painter of flesh" for decades, and I don't see how that could be argued. His use of the brush, his palette, the texture of his paint, and the way he positioned and controlled the figure in surprising and sometimes shockingly different ways makes him a real art legend. He also remained a true realist his whole life, even as he lived through a tumultuous time for pure painters in the art world. I'm certainly grateful that he made so many works in his lifetime. I continue to use Lucian Freud as a great resource for figure painting. Now if I can only be 1% the painter he was...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Developments. I'm HUGE in Utah.

It's been months with no posting.... I've found that blogs tend to work that way-
The last few months have been very busy. I led a 16 day art tour of Italy in June, and the prep for that consumed a lot of my time this spring. The trip was wonderful, with many highlights. For me, seeing Caravaggio paintings and Bernini sculptures in secluded churches around Rome was near the top-

As for new art, I've started 5 new paintings this spring, much in the same style of the 2 awkward family snapshots I made at the 11th hour before the big show last December. Those paintings have been tabled for the moment, as I've been taking some much-needed time to experiment with some new ideas. I've been working a lot with collage, treating torn bits of vintage newspaper as brush strokes.
So far, I'm encouraged by the results and it's fun to be doing something really different for a change.

Finally, I spent weeks this spring working long distance to establish a presence at a gallery. I'm proud to say that my work can now be seen at Terzian Galleries in Park City UTAH, so next time you go for a ski vacation be sure to check it out. Their website is here, not updated with my name yet but should be shortly. I will hopefully post some new images soon-

Monday, February 28, 2011

Gallery Shots and art updates

How time flies.... It's been a few months since the last post. Sorry about that!

The gallery show at the Hopkins Center for the Arts went very well. I only sold a few paintings, but the plus side to that is that I have a lot of work to move forward with. I'm in the process right now of figuring out what that next step is and I have a few leads. I'll hopefully have updates on that soon. The real reason it's been quiet on the art front is that I've taken a self-imposed break from making art the last 3 months... The show was the end of almost 4 years of 20-30 hrs per week in the studio (including grad school). A break was long-overdue. To be honest, it has been very hard to step back. I've been used to working so hard for so long that watching a movie or reading a book feels like a waste of time. I always have that nagging feeling that I should be working. After 3 months off, I finally have curbed some of those compulsive habits and managed to get some sleep here and there. I'm ready to start up again soon, and the creative batteries are fully recharged. I'm really excited to see where the next work goes-

Here's a few gallery shots from Hopkins. Much work went into the presentation of the work and the proximity of works to each other in the space.