Friday, September 9, 2011


Finally, some new images for the blog of some very new work and a different idea.
I've been using vintage newspaper in place of paint for the last few months, making some large scale collages of classic cars. Each one of these takes between 70-100 hours to make. That's why I've only made 6 in the last 4 months. I'll have more on the concept later... for now, enjoy the new work. Comments are appreciated-

54 Chevy Pickup

59 Plymouth Savoy

58 Dodge Pickup

57 Buick 2 door

54 Mercury Station Wagon

58 Oldsmobile


Jeremy Gustafson said...

Wow. I'm in awe. Seriously. The thing it, you're such a humble guy in person, it always floors me seeing how much talent you hide under that humbleness.

Nate said...

well, I am totally awesome at being humble.

thanks Jeremy-

Casey Craig said...

Really nice work Nate! Very original, good luck with them.

FunPlaces said...

Hey Nate! Wow! These are wonderful! What a concept and perfect for your subject! Now you just have to keep a good avenue of vintage newspapers coming for tearing up! These would be super Licensed as wall art in stores... if you want a start in investigating that, let me know! I moved to the Washington DC area a few weeks ago, so won't be able to visit your art set-up (bummer!), but am praying for what direction to go in out here. Keep in touch and thanks for sharing your super art!
-- Happy day, Danielle Ferrin

FunPlaces said...

oh :) I thought the computer kept deleting them and was getting frustrated trying to remember what I wrote! HA! That's a good laugh for today! Thanks Nate!

@PushingGiants said...


Mind is officially blown.