Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Done and Done.

I'm back from Boston and all is well, and I officially have my MFA- needless to say, it feels great.

My artist talk went very well (I've posted a small low-resolution version I made to practice from here- it's tough to read all the captions but the audio will give you a good idea of the presentation). My Thesis defense also went great, not so much a defense as a very cordial talk about my work. After a long week of conducting critiques with other MFA students, I had a big show opening with my work in Cambridge last Friday night. It was lots of fun, and my extended family made the trip which made it even more fun.

Now I am back to normal life and it all seems pretty surreal. I have lots of ideas for painting and more than a few leads for situations to show, so I will be working hard (though not as hard) in the coming months to advance my artistic career. For the sake of friends and family who keep up with this, I'll continue to post here. I'm also working on creating a personal website and will redesign this blog at some point.

To all those who supported me these last 2 years with your time and your words of encouragement, thanks so much.

Friday, January 1, 2010

-Crunch Time-

This last month has been pretty crazy, but it's all starting to wind down- I go to Boston in 6 days, and then the madness begins. The thesis? Done. The artwork? Made, packaged with 50 miles of bubble wrap and UPS'd to Boston. The Artist Talk? Written and coming along- with much practicing left to do, and it gets delivered a week from tonight. I am scared and really excited- it will be great. When I have the time I'll post a video of the presentation here for viewing enjoyment. I'll also pass on details of the final residency...