Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Image Diptychs/ "Fossils" and "Prize"

Here are 2 new diptychs (or 4 new paintings) made in the last 4 weeks... These will probably be the last new ones in this 50s series, at least during my MFA studies. They need a few weeks to dry and should be good for January, but we'll see. These are larger paintings- "Fossils" is 42" x 18" and "Prize" is 16" x 28". I've been having a difficult time capturing the accurate color of my paintings with the camera, which is making things tough now that I'm preparing an artist presentation and those images will be projected large for all to see... I may have to reshoot pretty much everything. We'll see and if I can get good color I'll post them. These are close but still pretty off... about as close as I can get them with the little color adjustment feature on iPhoto.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Image- "Driver".

Here's another new image that has been done for some time but never posted here... Each panel is 12" square and it may be configured in the opposite way- it works both ways.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Huge Milestone Reached....

Tonight I finished the final draft of my thesis, and after 5 months of continuous work on this one document I cannot describe how surreal it feels to finally be done with it- wow. I've also been working my tail off the last 3 weeks on a batch of new paintings, all being done at more or less the same time. We'll see if these end up coming with me to Boston in January- My mentor really wants to see new work in December and it has been lots of fun to get away from the late night computer head and neck aches and back into the studio. I have missed it and it will be so great to have that be the 1 thing I can give my time to. Next I send off the thesis to AIB and start turning the entire thing into a 15 minute artist talk with images... I will post some new images soon, hopefully sooner than a month. Sorry about that.